Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Eggplant n cilantro - The ultimate pair!!!!

After a really long i decided to peek in to my space which was my most cherished until i landed in India. Once i landed in India, too many things cramped my "cherished " list and alas i failed to prioritize it and it speaks for my absence from the blogospere . in India obviously not the same as in US. It is more enriched by maids and their fuss, drivers and their demands, relatives and their rights and last but not the least the infections and the medications. But after all you are in your mother land and you are not left to cry alone . We are slowly sinking in to the feel and accepting the fact that we are not going back. Not going back would mean no more cherrios , no mac n cheese, no Stromboli, no special k bars,no kawan parathas....the list can go on and on.....I know, i was coming to that.....My friends back in the US would definitely be a miss in my life out here. I had those lovely people in my community with  whom i have had these wonderful Girls meet. How can i forget my neighbor P and her lovely coffee! How can i not miss T and her watermelon juice....The 3 sportsmen who adorned the tennis court to gossip!!!! I wish i could go on and on...
Coming to the recipe, it is one from my drafts .It is simple one with easily available ingredients. It is definitely a crowd pleaser too. Goes well rice and rotis as well!


egg plant cubbed-1 pound
cilantro chopped-2 cups
red chillies -3 -4nos
urad dhal-2 tsp
oil-4 tsps
mustard- 1/4 tsp
jeera -1/4 tsp
tamarind-1'' piece
hing-1/4 tsp
salt to taste


In a kadai add 2 tsp of oil and add the urad dhal ,red chillies, cilantro and the tamarind one after the other and lightly fry it. After it cools down puree it and keep aside. Now add 2 tsps of oil in the kadai and season it with mustard , jeera and hing.Now add the eggplant  and sauté it till cooked. Sprinkle water if necessary. Now mix in the puree and salt according to taste. Mix everything in and let it cook for a minute or so and put off  the stove. Keep it to a semi gravy consistency.


  1. Welcome back Viji. wish to see more of your receipes. Cilantro is my favorite. I make Cilantro chutney and the leftover I add to the all my curries, kurma's and the aromaand taste is so good. Since Diwali/navarathri is coming soon I expect some easy to make receipes from you for that occasion..

  2. Sounds a great recipe..looks delicious and inviting color,thanks for sharing

  3. sounds grt thanks for sharing dear

  4. Hi, thanks for visiting my have a lovely space here too..glad to follow you....

  5. Viji akka,

    Looks absoletly wonderful, I really really must pay you a visit over some weekend!!!

  6. Sounds interesting and unique

  7. Thats an easy recipe. I like recipes when I have all the ingredients and if they take less than a hour.

    Your version in the picture looks good.

  8. But you have so many things that you didn't have in US now, rt :-) This sounds like a delicious and yumm combo

  9. Hi Viji,

    That looks really good...:)


  10. I have tried this may time and it came out good. Your recipe looks delicious. Perfect one for chapatis.

  11. Eggplants are my all time fav and I can just have them anytime....looks yummy. Thanks for ur comments and I got the wrapper from Chennai dear...

  12. Hi,
    First time here and What an interesting blog??? Lovely collection of recipes... Keep rocking ..Hope U r having a good time in Cbe...I am from Cbe too but now in UK.... Glad to follow U.

  13. first time here delicious eggplant curry
    following you

  14. Wow.. this is indeed a lovely combi :)

  15. Buddy I have updated my granola post with the instruction when to add the chocolate chips. thanks a lot for asking me and I just noticed that I have missed the point. Go through the recipe now. :)


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