Sunday, April 18, 2010

Stuffed Peppers- Gravy style!

New looks incorporated , racked my brains for a new post....didn't want to post anything from the draft but, had to settle with one of those, for i failed to click any of my dishes in the past few days. Life is so goes by counting calories or waiting for the Sun to peek out or once the sun is out, I am not in a mood to enjoy the hot Sun, but slam on the  air-conditioner.Now you know it is a busy bee that's talking. Lighter things apart, anyway picked out a recipe from my draft and am trying to give it some beauty enough to be posted. Every recipe has a background, a forefather, an aunt or cousin. I firmly believe in family traits with regard to the taste they impart. I am here to say looks are indeed deceptive, its easier to judge the vegetables in their true botanical sense. I am sure Mrs Hema my botany teacher would have her eyes coming our of her head when she reads this. I was never a botany person but now in the recent times i have learned to apply a little of that to my cooking and believe me it works!
Now coming to the recipe, its not a complex one. When i eyed these peppers at the local Sam's club i had devised this recipe. True enough i was 80% close to my elevated imagined taste.Hubby liked it but for the snide part said "is the combi ok?". As usual i did not let him dampen my spirits went to click a pic of it and also enjoyed it.And now for the recipe..


Sweet peppers-9 to 10 nos(slit and scooped out from inside)
carrots -1 cooked and mashed                      
peas-handful cooked and mashed
potato-1cooked and mashed
1 big onion chopped
garlic-5 cloves chopped
1 big tomato diced
cilantro a big handful chopped
redchillies -4(adjust acc to spice level)
poppy seeds-1 tsp
garam masala powder-1/2 tsp
salt as required

For seasoning

1 tsp fennel seeds
2 clove
4 tsp oil


Mash in the potato,carrot and the peas mash together with a little garam masala and half the salt. Stuff this mixture in to the peppers and set aside. Now in skillet or pan add half the oil and drop in the stuff listed for seasoning. Once they splutter, Add the chillies and the onions and saute it till glossy. Add the ginger and garlic followed by the tomatoes and poppy seeds. Once it turns pulpy switch off the stove and add the chopped cilantro. Cool the mixture and grind it and keep aside. Now in the skillet add the remaining oil and line the stuffed peppers in and gently cook turning it around. Once done add the ground gravy mixture in and bring it to a boil adding water if needed and add salt accordingly. Tastes great with rotis , parathas and also rice and pulaos!

Tail Piece

1.Adding salt here should be done with caution as we already do it while stuffing the peppers.
2.Peppers here do get cooked enough with 2 tsp of oil and you don't really need to worry because your stuffing is cooked and these peppers taste great when eaten raw too.So you don't need much oil or time at this step


  1. Appears to be a new recipe. Never heard about it before.

  2. seems like u r very adventures in cooking!

  3. Its very unique .. and a great idea to make suffed bell pepper gravy ... Droolworthy dish

  4. Wow!! it looks very colourful and you have a variety of recipe collection :) Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving our invaluable comments :)

  5. So vibrant and tempting...Love stuffed peppers

  6. Thank you so much friends for lovely comments!

  7. never tried this one before..looks delicious

  8. Colorful curry...luv capsicum in any form!

  9. kalakkureenga viji acca,looks very tasty.......i'll try it soon....

  10. nice gravy...great ingredients...good collection of recipes!

  11. delicious stuffed pepper curry .i bought the same pepper from costco in last shopping.some of them are still going to try this recipe yarr..
    looks delicious.very tempting ..thanks for sharing

  12. Stuffed pepper gravy looks so colorful and inviting!!

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