Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Asparagus Poriyal-curry in a jiffy!

Asparagus is a lesser known vegetable when it comes to the indian kitchen. I have been using it for 3 years now and  blended it in to our system of cooking. I thought it tasted like our dear drumsticks first, then like beans and ya  sometimes like snake gourd but ultimately i found that it had a mind and taste of its own.These spears are not anything frail as they look like, but a balanced storehouse of all the right nutrition. After i made this curry i realized that they get cooked really fast and taste best when cooked just right. It is no doubt a curry in jiffy!


Asparagus-cut in to small bits(about 2cups)
coconut grated -2 tbls
hing-a tight pinch
oil-2 tsps
salt to taste


Microwave the asparagus for 5 minutes with the right amount of water. If you have excess water remove it.
In a blender run the grated coconut and green chillies for just 2 seconds and keep it aside.
Now in a skillet heat the oil and splutter jeera and mustard.Then add the asparagus. Give it a good mix and switch off the stove and add salt and the ground coconut and chillies.Viola!!! its ready to serve!


  1. Thanks for dropping by Viji...
    Asparagus is totally a new veggie.. Never ventured into it... This looks soo innovative.. making a poriyal out of Asparagus..

  2. Maybe I should try this desi version for the asparagus haters in my house..thanks for sharing this Viji :-)

  3. asparagus poriyal..good idea.never tried it..
    poriyal looks delicious .. its a very healthy vegetable.the steamed one we had it in restaurant.this poriyal version is a must try one.bookmarking ur recipe..thanks for sharing this

  4. Never thought we cud cook asparagus to suit our taste.looks good and easy time, i wud not back away when i c asparagus in the grocery store.good work viji.keep it going....

  5. Like asparagus poriyal, they taste better this way:)

  6. Asparagus poriyal sounds great dear and its very healthy too,,,hope it will taste good...first time to ur blog u got nice space with nice recipes dear and am glad to follow ur blog..

  7. Lovely...! And a nice blog too :)

  8. nice one! A very different recipe.

  9. Thanks for dropping by Viji..
    i like the asparagus grilled lightly and never have made a stir fry like this....nice recipe.

  10. Tried and it came out awesome! Thanks for sharing :-)


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