Thursday, November 19, 2009

Spinach pokodas

 The perfect companion on a rainy day. When its cold and rainy you tend to turn to food for comfort. That was exactly how i  fitted this in to my calorie consious menu plans. Accidents preceeded by temptations do happen to me. Otherwise how would one describe a scene where the end of a gym session is marked by gobbling away a plate of hot and spicy spinach pokoda(e), drowning it with cardamon and ginger infused tea. Felt so satisfied and a tiny guilt which cropped up also was silenced by the resolution to not indulge in these anymore and do a 15 minute extra at the gym. Now another big thing while i write this post is ,if i should be calling it pakoda or pakodae. I have come to a conclusion that these two names have a singular-plural connection. So considering the numbers i have eaten, i want to call it pakodae!


1 cup chopped spinach
1 cup sliced onions
2 cups besan
1/4 cup rice flour
1/4 teaspoon chilli powder
2 tablespoons cilantro chopped
salt to taste
oil to deep fry
a pinch of baking soda(optional)


Mix all the ingredients in to a batter (spooning consistency). Heat the oil in  a deep pan and spoon the batter and deep fry it brown and crisp. Drain the excess oil on a kitchen towel and serve it hot with tea or coffee.


  1. The pakodas looks so crunchy...nice combination with the tea :)

  2. hey thanks for stopping by at my blog..pakodas look too tempting besides the tea..

  3. That looks to be a great way to enjoy spinach. Thanks for sharing your recipe :)

  4. just pass on tht plate here.Raining heavily now.
    looks very inviting.
    BTW i use the normal NIKON COOL PIX L1 cmera.Just now learning to take photos

  5. hey you have a nice blog wid kul recipes...this spinach pakodas look very tempting...i love to have pakodas with tea, specialy in this season...thnx for visiting my blog...hope 2 c u again...i hav added you in my list

  6. Hey Viji,

    My wife is a wonderful cook. I'll tell her to prepare your wonderful recipe :)

    Long-tailed Shrike

  7. A rainy day n pakoras with hot tea to have them.Spinach pakaros is a great healthy twist.

  8. Looks so delicious, perfect with a hot cup of tea, you have a nice space here.

  9. wow, just in the mood to eat your Spinach pakodas with steaming cup of hot tea..They look yummy and crunchy. Reminds me of the Mumbai Monsoons when mom made pakodas...

    First time here..Will keep visiting, U have a cool blog. Drop by my blog whenever time permits.

    Dolly @

  10. hey great recipe for pakoda..a variation...

  11. Crunchy pakoras...If u plan to do privacy setting for ur blog,u have to be content with 100 readers...
    u can change the setting in ur blogger setting.Thanks

  12. looks absolutely delicious. Thanks for visiting my blog. You have a nice blog :)

  13. Pakoda or Pakodae, it looks yummy. Nice idea of doing it with spinach.

    Anyway even if we are guilty in indulging, its healthy -:)

  14. yummy pakoras...can u please send some to me...its an ideal rainy day today to sit by the window n have a nice cup of hot tea and something spicy.

  15. Yummy pakoras... wonderful post...for the season.

  16. first time on your blog - pakodas look delish!

  17. This is perfect for a rainy day!!

  18. Delicious looking pakodas.
    Love them with tea on a rainy day!!!


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