Friday, November 6, 2009


Murukkus are my all time munchie buddies. But this is the first time i tried making this crackling snack.The recipe i adopted was from the internet i don't remember the exact site from where i got. But there are so many blogger friends of mine who have good recipes of murukku. I made slight alternations to the recipe to suit my taste. Murukkus fresh-homemade and a cup of hot filter kaapi are a much sought after luxuary these days. My murukkus turned out very good. Gave me the confidence to venture out more in to the arena. Hubby loved it and Son loved it too. What else can mark more success and satisfaction for me? At this juncture a little about me :I always love feeding people. My Husband does so too. During the early days of our life we always had people over for lunch or dinner. After coming to US that's something i absolutely miss out on. Good bye to flash backs now getting down to the recipe...


1 measure parboiled rice
3/4 measure chutney dhal powder
2 tablespoons butter
seasame seeds a little
jeera seeds a little
chilli powder as per taste
oil for deep fry


Soak the rice for about 3 hours and grind it without adding water.You may add a little water if needed.Add the chutney dhal powder and all the ingredients except oil and mix it in to a dough.Grease your murukku maker and with the star disc on , start showing your creativity and talent. Do tthe sprials directly in the oil or can make it in a flat laddle and then transfer it in to the oil. Flip sides and fry till done.This murukku is very light in its colour so don't wait for it to turn dark shade of brown,you may burn it.Enjoy!


  1. Murukku looks yumm..A prefect snack for any time :-)

  2. Thanks for your comments.

    The murukku looks crisp and smart too :)

  3. wow nice variation from usual all time fav.

  4. I really liked those small ball ones :) You did a good job on the first try!

  5. Thank you so much friends for the encouraging words.

  6. I love these, they look wonderful. Great job! Loving your blog :)

    Sanjana from KO Rasoi

  7. Invite me anytime..ready to eat!!!


Appreciate your comments and feedbacks which will help me through my culinary voyage!