Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Karam pori/spiced murmura

I would rather call this indian substitute to popcorn. Not that popcorn is not available in india but this dish i am talking about is more popular in the remotest of the indian villages.Very easily available and very cost wise too compared to the flashy popcorns in india. This particular recipe is a  favorite in our homes and its made in lots and gets over in no time too. Personally it is my companion when i start counting my calories. A total guilt free food that you can hog and hog on....And great tasting too! I love to eat this with some raw onions and lemon juice added to it!


4 cups pori/murmura
6 garlic cloves coarsely crushed
1 teaspoon mustard
1/2 teaspoon hing
1 teaspoon dhaniya powder
1 teaspoon jeera powder
1/4 teaspoon turmeric powder
3 Red chillies broken
1 cup peanut and chutney dhal (both mixed)
Curry leaves a few

1 tablespoon ghee and oil mixed


In a deep thick  bottomed pan add the oil and ghee. Now add the mustard, hing, chillies, turmeric powder,garlic, curry leaves, chutney dhal and peanut,  and then add the dhaniya powder and jeera powder with salt . Now add the pori /murmura and give it a quick toss and put off the stove. Serve it right away or store it in an air tight container to relish later.


The recipe as such is very simple a typical mix and eat kinds. But the taste lies in the order of  the ingredients in to the pan. I urge you to follow the same order and to quickly to add the ingredients one after the other because they get burnt easily. Enjoy and yeah guilt free!


  1. Thanks alot for stopping by my space.
    Karam pori sounds really delicious!!!

  2. Hi there!

    Thx for visiting my blog...u ve a lovely blog with yummy recipes!!..hope to keep in touch!!

  3. Perfect snack on a rainy day... looks yummy

  4. perfect snack,and adding garlic will surely give a nice flavour.

  5. I too used to try it at home, but used to burn it often.
    By the way, what's chutney dhall.

    Good evening snack.

  6. Devasena the trick is to do add the powders quickly and add the murmura and switch off the stove.Hope u get it right.BTW chutney dhal means roasted gram dhal or pottu kadalai in tamil.


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