Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Awards and aval payasam


I would like to pass on these awards to padhu of welcome to padhuskitchen,Ammu of ammaji recipes and sandhya of sandhya's kitchen.


Excitement overtook me when i collected the awards from Babli's blog. Thank her absolutely for passing it on to me .My first ever bunch of awards. Excitement justified,  i want this post to be a sweet and tasty one, lingering for ever , encouraging me in all my blog endeavors. Blogging has opened up the window of creativity and imagination in the culinary arena for me. With your support and encouraging words i plan to go a long way in this route.
Today's post aval payasam is a favarite of mine. It had appreciation from almost all the people who tried it at my place. A very simple recipe with the basic everyday ingredients is the essence of this dessert.
This cup of aval payasam goes to you babli for passing on the awards to me.


1 cup poha(thick)
12 cups milk
1 and 1/2 cups sugar (as per taste)
1 tablespoon almonds(powdered)
1 tablespoon cashew(powdered)
4 elaichi pods crushed
saffron a pinch
1 tablespoon ghee


Reduce milk in a thick bottomed pan till its reaches 1/3rd of its volume. Meanwhile wash the poha and add the ghee and lightly fry it till they seperate. Grind the almonds and cashew in to a powder and keep aside. Now once the milk reaches the required point add the poha and the powder and allow it to cook .You may add more milk if required. Once cooked add the sugar and saffron (mixed in warm milk) along with the elaichi. Your bowl of goodness is ready. Serve it warm or cold.


  1. Congrats on your awards viji..keep rocking dear

  2. Hi viji...thanks for dropping by and leaving a lovely comment..do keep in touch and hope to c u around more often...and congraz on all your awards...keep going...

  3. Congrats on your awards Viji...Love aval paayasam..

  4. Thanks Viji for sharing awards with me... I will collect them soon.
    You have a lovely space dear... Keep it coming!

  5. Hey Viji,
    Way to go! Congrats! I hope we have a dinner invitation coming our way to celebrate all the awards!

  6. congrats on ur award and aval payasam looks yummy.adding powdered nuts will surely give a nice flavor to it

  7. Congrats viiji
    Good job!!


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